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defects in the laser cutting process how you remedied

10 things to know about die cutting and scoring Printing defects in the laser cutting process how you remedied

Die Cutting and Scoring happen in one pass. Yes, its true. Lets look at the definition of these two Substrates affect knife blade life. Just like your kitchen knife, die cutting knives get dull through Durometer measures rubber hardness. Rubber strips are affixed to the die to help improve the The cutting board. Due to its strength and stability, Birch is the material of choice for most die Follow the directions. Grain direction is one of the most overlooked details when planning a A Nick is more than a name. Sure, your next-door neighbors brother-in-law might go by this Sometimes we kiss the substrate. There is a lot of kissing going on in our production floor. A Kiss Good design and die cutting goes hand-in-hand. Whether your finished piece is a simple food Patterns can be cut by other means. There are several ways to cut a substrate; die cutting being Nesting is not for the birds. Die cutting can become a wasteful and expensive process if a finished Defects in the Laser Cutting Process & How you Remedied The correct cutting speed will produce minimal dross so you have a clean edge that needs little rework before the next step in the manufacturing process. "Stretching" the arc Arc stretching can occur at the beginning and end of the cut.How to troubleshoot cut quality problems hole qualityLets say you want to cut a precise 12 mm (1/2") hole in 12 mm (1/2") mild steel. A 100-A nozzle with a smaller orifice, 1-1/2 mm (0.059"), and kerf width, 2 mm (0.089"), cutting at a slower speed will produce a much finer cut. To get the best cut from a given nozzle, always set

Steps to troubleshooting draw bending of tube

Feb 01, 2018Even though we are in the age of CNC machinery, the old phrase the tools make the bend is as relevant today as ever. As tube bending applications have become more extreme (see Figure 1), tooling design, setup, and maintenance have returned to a position of central importance.In rotary draw bending, four simple setup steps, executed precisely and in the correct order, will help you defects in the laser cutting process how you remedied

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