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16 Types Of Steel Defects Pay Attention When Choosing hot rolled high quality steel i

Raw materials porosity. After the acid etching test of steel, it is found that some areas of the Shrinkage residue. When the ingot is cast, the liquid steel shrinks in the central part of the Surface crack. Longitudinal cracks found on the surface of high-speed steel raw materials are very Cracks in the center of raw material. During the hot rolling process of high-speed steel, due to Segregation. The uneven chemical composition of the alloy formed during the solidification Carbide nonuniformity. The extent to which the eutectic carbides in HSS are broken down during Network carbide. Steel in hot rolling or annealing, due to the high heating temperature, long Carbide caked mass. There are some tool mills that perform HSS turning or milling, the tool Inclusions. Inclusions are a common defect in steel, which can be divided into metallic inclusions Bulk carbide. In the process of steel smelting, due to component segregation, the carbides are Grades of Hot Rolled Steel Metal Supermarkets 85.7%. Contact Supplier. High Quality Customized ASTM Stainless steel H beam for structural steel. US $350.00-$550.00 / Ton.

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