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ladle slide gate plates

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Ladle Slide Gate Materials Utilising Vesuvius high performance materials and engineered design solutions, our products can reduce ladle turn-around time and enable more effi cient ladle management, which will reduce overall ladle refractory, labour and energy costs.

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The Krosaki FF series Ladle Slide Gate is a two plate linear, hydraulically driven gate. The Gate valves are designed for small, medium and large capacity Ladle. The fixed and sliding plates are identical in shape and size. Innovative plate shape design based on About Us , We are committed to providing high quality products, Which have been sold worldwide at low prices.Comprehensive Solution of Refractory for Steel ladleLMM GROUP can produce and provide Al2O3-C or Al2O3-ZrO2-C based slide gate plates to meet various ladle working condition and special customers needs. Nozzle and well block Upper and collect nozzles are resin bonded products based on corundum, magnesium aluminate spinel and graphite as main raw materials.

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Slide Gate Refractories When it comes to Slide Gate Refractories, the name of Bilaspur Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. is highly revered as a pioneering Manufacturer and Supplier.Due to the unmatched quality and high performance of our Refractories in respective applications, 9 minsProducts & Services ThermoflydeThe slide plates are fitted outside the ladle in a mechanism which is hydraulically operated. The collector nozzle also known as outer nozzle is fitted to the bottom slide gate plate. This system is used for operating and controlling the flow of the molten steel from the ladle to the tundish. Life:For a 1 QC system on an average 50 to 60 MT of ladle slide gate platesLADLE REFRACTORY Archives Lies in Xinmi City, Henan, China. It covers over 20000 sm2.


Sliding gate valve Type 17. Based on the known benefits of the FLO-CON system this mechanism provides robust design, suitable for steel plant. additional security. ease of handling. The mechanism is clamped by means of a light hydraulic cylinder. TYPE.LS50 LS70 slide gate plates for ladle, View slide gate ladle slide gate platesFeb 04, 2020Serial Products of Ladle Slide Gates Alumina-carbon, alumina-zirconia-carbon, magnesia-alumina-spinel slide gate plates and corundum, alumina-carbon, mullite,magnesia-alumina-spinel upper and down slide nozzles are made of quality materials with phenolic resin binder through pitch impregnation in vacuum and mid temperature treatment.Ladle Slide Gate Plates

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Changxing Refractory manufacture various types of slide gate plate, such as 1qc slide gate plate, 2qc slide gate plate. Ladle slide gate plate uses sintered alumina and mullite as raw material, then be added into some of the carbon matrix components and anti-oxidant (such as aluminum, silicon metal, SiC, B4C, Mg-B and so on), adding binder ladle slide gate platesLadle Slide Gate, Ladle Slide Gate Plate, Slide GateLadle Slide Gate Plate. Product description Pressing from the bauxite, alumina powder, graphite, etc, our alumina carbon slide gate plates have following advantage high strength, good erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance. They are. INQUIRY.Ladle slie gate mechanism TH440-B90V Taihe Steel Flow ladle slide gate platesFunctional Description TH440-B90V ladle slide gate is installed on the bottom of ladle, slide gate drives plate throttling achieving the flow control. Description. 1.Type explanation of TH440-B90V TH represents the gate is designed by TaiHe

Plate Series Plate Series Al2O3 ZrO2 C Fired Alumina carbon and alumina zirconi ladle slide gate plates 315AZ 71 7.5 10 Metal-bonded plates series SG-100 94 4 Metal-bonded plates series SG-131F 89 5.5 Metal-bonded plates series SGZ-11 90 4.5
9 more rows ladle slide gate platesMar 21 2021Ladle Slide Gate Plates (16) 100.0% " ladle slide gate platesRefractory Solution in Steel Metallurgy - ShengHe Refractories

YINGKOU SHENGHE REFRACTORIES MANUFACTURING CO., LTD is a worldwide leading manufacturer of Refractory materials located in Dashiqiao, Magnesium City of China. SHENGHE REFRACTORIES has 37,000m2 facilities and 200 employees where there is a production for Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick, Dolomite Bricks, Monolithic Castable, Delta Slide Gate Plate

Slide Gate Plates for the Toughest Steel Grades

Zircoas slide gate plates and Composition 3004 inserts are the best choice for both ladle and tundish gate system components, solving unsatisfactory pouring performance and reducing overall steel making costs. Specifications . Physical Properties of Composition 3004Slide gate of foundry ladle - russianpatentsSlide gate of foundry ladle // 2567419. FIELD metallurgy. SUBSTANCE invention relates to ferrous metallurgy, namely to a metals casting. The slide gate has casing, support frame, movable carriage connected by tie-rod with drive rod of the gate, located in the bracket secured on the casing. The refractory plates with casting holes and metal ladle slide gate plates

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